Why does my neck crack only on one side all of the time?

christina Asked: Why does my neck crack only on one side all of the time?

Just curious, I have gotten so used to it. I have neck problems/ migraines too. For the past few years every day I feel like I have to crack my neck (cant ignore it or it starts to feel like a headache) and I will tilt my chin to the side and up on the left. The left side of my neck will crack 100X (bubbly kind of cracking and it will feel good for a while after. Then a few hours later I need to do it again.

The other side will not crack even once, ever.

Why is this???

I used to see a chiro just for a month and it did nothing to help. He could only crack that side too. He would do that every time and I figured I could do that myself so I stopped going


drmike Answered:

You really should consult a physician but to help cushion the joints and prevent the ‘cracking’ I would recommend, Forever Freedom, Forever Active HA and Aloe Heat Lotion. I can’t make any promises, but it should help.

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