What would happen if I did this to my hair? ?

Jennabenna Louie Asked: What would happen if I did this to my hair? ?

What if I put aloe Vera gel in the roots of my hair to make it grow faster?
I'm a girl


Moonii Answered:
It can mess with ur haromones i wouldnt try it..

Jackie D Answered:
You should not be afraid to tell your parents you are having this problem.It is best looked at by a doctor.

James H Answered:
see a doctor and stop screwing around …..pun!

DrZoo Answered:
I wouldn't put a hand moisturizer on it, but if you would like to put something on it use something like Neosporin or Vaseline. I think a hand moisturizer would cause some stinging.

If it doesn't start getting better in a few days, I would go see a doctor.

Mig Answered:
Just talk to your parents, it's their job to protect you. Or Go See a Doctor, some infection has already scattered up.

Harry Answered:
Mate it defiantly sounds like you do have STD so you should get a check up and spitting on you're penis it is not healthy and can infect it with germs and you probally are wankng too much

hairbender Answered:
If you are uncircumcized, there really is no need to be putting anything on your penis for lubrication. I might think that Vasoline is probably not the best thing, especially if you didn't clean it off properly soon after. There are far better things you can use!

You should not be trying to self-diagnose and treat any disorder. Go see your doctor and have him tell you what it is, and how to clear it up. It might be nothing at all, or it might be some sort of infection. Only he can tell you that.

Letting it alone so it can get worse is not a very smart idea. Get it treated as soon as possible and you improve your chances of getting rid of it. Leaving it is only asking for bigger troubles.

cirkdone Answered:
Balanitis is a general term for anything which causes inflammation of the glans – and by extension the foreskin.There is no absolute appearance for balanitis as it can be fungal or bacterial in origin.Only proper examination (and possible testing) by a doctor can tell the cause of your red areas and hence how to treat them.

You indicate that you have not showered with your foreskin retracted.This failure to wash properly under the foreskin is a classic cause of balanitis.It is essential that you wash under your foreskin at least morning and evening every day.This needs to be done with mild soap and water since you need to remove an oily waste product called smegma which collects under there.Water alone will not remove it.However, you need to rinse the soap off thoroughly before replacing your foreskin over the glans.

Spittle is not a good lubricant for masturbation as it dries out too quickly and resulting friction can damage the glans or inner foreskin.It is best to use a water soluble lubricant designed for the job such as KY jelly.Vaseline can be rather messy.

You now need to lay off all forms of masturbation until the red areas have healed fully.However, if this has not happened in a couple of weeks, or if they continue to grow in size, you need to see a doctor.As you are only 16 you may need your parents to make the appointment for you, however embarrassing this may be.Remember that embarrassment is not fatal but failing to seek medical help for genital problems can be.

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