should i keep putting aloe vera on my face?

joe b Asked: should i keep putting aloe vera on my face?

lately for the past 2 weeks ive been putting on aloe vera on my face everynight before i go to sleep and leave it on overnight and wash it off next morning. I have acne scars and I was wondering will the acne scars clear away if i keep this process going and how long will it take?


Randy Answered:
It depends on how old and deep the scarring is on your face.Applying aloe vera and vitamin e ointments may help to reduce the scar tissue- just keep applying and be patient.Check out for more info.

Alex Answered:
If you're in the UK, Check with your local RSPCA or PDSAto see if you are eligible for low-cost vet care. If not, ask the vet if they can help financially – they might offer help for people on low incomes. But you must take this dog to the vet now; it would be cruel not to.

Ghound Answered:
Don't ask, go straight to the vet if you are truly concerned about your dog.

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