jojoba oil for rosacea?

yricl Asked: jojoba oil for rosacea?

is it effective??? are there any side effects (eg, face becomes more red after using?) thanks

i'm currently using metrogel and aloe vera gel (moisturizer). so should i apply the oil first or?? which one first??


No, it is not effective. There is not a shred of research to support the use of jojoba oil in the treatment of rosacea. Jojoba oil is consisted of a particular composition of fatty acids, which can function as a moisturizer. But, the same goes for many other oils such as olive, canola, borage, or evening primrose.

Actually, there are research supporting borage oil and evening primrose in the treatment of eczema. It is still debatable, but there is definitely some anti-inflammatory agents in the these oils.

IF you insist on using jojoba oil, then apply it after MetroGel. Do a test patch just in case you may have an adverse skin reaction.

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