I wake up every morning feeling weak, disoriented and off balance, what does it mean?

Kisa Mcbourne Asked: I wake up every morning feeling weak, disoriented and off balance, what does it mean?

I am 21 years old and the doctors assume I have fibromyaligia (i say assume because there is not an actual test for it, just matching of symptoms) and I suffer from regular migraines. I have also been diagnosed with anemia and thalassemia, rare blood disorder but it isnt too extreme. First off, Im not pregnant and the last time the doctor checked my thyroid everything was normal. I try to take vitamins but its not regular. This has been happening for a long while now, starting many months ago, and I dont know what it could possibly be. I no longer have health insurance since I was laid off from work about 5 months ago so Im just surviving off of internet remedies. I also have these weird moments where I feel like Im having an internal seizure, but Im not shaking on the outside. Yea guys its some weird stuff. No smart responses please, Id love to battle wits and sarcasm some other time, but actually hoping someone knows something that could help me. Thanks for reading.


Linda Answered:
I am not a doctor and you don't want to hear this but you need to get a correct diagnosis NOW.
You could die from an untreated serious condition.
Try the health dept. and the hospital emergency rooms. Not many good doctors there but keep trying until you find one. Best wishes.

NikkiMousee Answered:
You could have anxiety. There are many different symptoms to it. feeling shakey, dizzy, tired, weak, numbness, fainting, disoriented, frequent headaches, chest pains etc…My friend was sent to the hospital once because she was feeling very dizzy and disoriented and weak. She felt it often but that one day it was so bad that her arms became so weak she couldn't move them, and her vision was blurred and she was all shakey. They later diagnosed her with anxiety. Different people get different symptoms depending on how serious the anxiety is, but either way anxiety wont actually hurt you. It's almost an illusion your body creates to scare you. you just have to relax, drink some water, take some deep breaths and sit/lay down for a bit and it should go away.

Jennifer Answered:
Well,as for the Fibromyalgia? There are certain areas on the body where the doctor can press on that will likely indicate if the patient has,or doesn't have this condition.So,surly your doctor would have determined/diagnosed you by now.At least I would like to think so.
And, 'Nikki' is correct in reference to anxiety.I have experienced several bouts of anxiety attacks/panic attacks,and was diagnosed back in 1991 with having panic attacks.I recall one episode where my vision went into something similar to tunnel vision,and all other areas went totally black,of course referring to the tunnel vision.I also shook visibly so on the outside,and I almost passed out during that episode.So,again 'Nikki' may be on the right tract,and you may be experiencing a more severe case of anxiety attacks.No 2 people will experience the same panic attacks,and either may be diagnosed with severe panic attacks/disorders.But again.No 2 people will experience the same panic attacks,and your panic attacks are likely severe enough to cause your internal muscles to spasm.The same applies to the outer muscles to spasm/twitch when one experiences an anxiety attack,so it's likely to be the case with internal muscles.
I suggest you start taking your vitamins regularly from now on,as this would benefit your health.Again…it could very well by Fibromyalgia.You need to explain to your doctors to properly diagnose you,and no longer assume you have it or not.When a doctor assumes their patient has an illness/disease/disorder? This is not a confirmed diagnoses,and if you were to switch to a new doctor? You would be able to tell your new doctor that you have indeed been diagnosed with Fibromyalgia.You would be able to say that your previous doctor "assumed" you have Fibromyalgia,and that wouldn't help your situation at all.I've been there before,and it took a while to finally be diagnosed(not with Fibro,but,SLE).So,explain to your doctor to either diagnose your Fibromyalgia,or to diagnose this 'unspecified' illness your experiencing.Anxiety? Very possible.
But,it may be something more serious.Could be chronic constipation,but you failed to mention anything like that.
And,you also failed to mention any symptoms of anxiety as well.
You simply can not go on assumptions,especially when you already have pre-existing illnesses.
I hope you stress these facts to your primary care doctor,and are able to finally be diagnosed,and most importantly……treated.
Stay vigilant,and hopefully by doing so you'll receive the diagnoses you deserve(you know what I mean).
Hope this helps.
Take care,and I hope everything works out for you.

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