How to reduce sebum production on my face?

My Dahl Asked: How to reduce sebum production on my face?

I'm interested in knowing ways of reducing sebum production through diet and lifestyle.

First off I eat healthy; no candy, no soda pop, no snack except oil-popped popcorn every once in a while. I only ever drink water and black or white tea with either lime or lemon juice and honey. I wash my face every day with oats as my skin is hyper sensitive to any facial products I've used so far (ProActive, Clearasil, Neutrogena, etc.), use natural home remedies every once in a while and exfoliate my skin gently about every other day or so.

I take 30 mg of Zinc, 1000 mg of calcium, 20 mcg of vitamin D and 100 mg of azathioprine (last two mentioned are doctors prescription) every day.

I moisture my skin every morning and every night with a 99% natural ingredient day cream from Nivea with argan oil and aloe vera. It is the only cream I've ever found that doesn't clog my pores. Sometimes during the middle of the day I will wash my face with lukewarm water and reapply my day cream because otherwise it'll literally be bathing in oil.


Frank Garrett Answered:
stop letting guys put a deposit on your face.

Whitney Answered:
Nothing is scientifically proven except for implants to give you bigger breasts, just wait – and let them grow on their own.

David in Lancs Answered:
Don't bother.If you massage 24 hours a day for the whole four weeks, you will simply be 32aa, but very sore.

MissA Answered:
If you could massage your breasts to make them grow there would be *no* flat-chested teenagers.It won't work.Your DNA and your body fat percentage are pretty much the only things that can alter the size of your breasts: no creams, no diets, no massages will work.

thewaythingsare Answered:
some females are too stupid to deserve the vote.

newsflash princess; no santa claus, either.

kristifire2010 Answered:
It depends. If you're done with puberty after 4 weeks you'll be a size 32AA. After 5 years you'll be a size 32AA.

If you're going through puberty I would just stop what you're doing. Milk doesn't make breasts grow. Neither does massages. I remember I fell for this load of crap when I was 12. Guess what? It never worked. None of these things you see on the internet will work. The only things that work are extreme weight gain, puberty, pregnancy, and implants.

mom2princess Answered:
In 4 weeks you will still be a 32 aa. The only thing that will naturally increase breast size (and that is only temporary) is pregnancy. Unless you have breast enhancement surgery you will have to just accept your body the way you are.

Brenda S Answered:
Massage works in two ways.
One is just a natural result of increasing blood flow, very little effect.
The other is hormonal action. Nipple stimulation releases the hormones that cause the glands in them to grow. The hormones only stay active for a few hours tho so you need to do it every few hours regularly. Every 8 hours would help but every 4 hours really gets them growing.
Any moisturizer should do it. Regularity is the key.

Flikrad Answered:
My gf had the same issue about her body so I happily massaged her breasts.

She then finally realised by my reaction 'down below' she didnt need bigger boobs to feel sexy how she wanted, she simply needed confidence.


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