How to make my hair grow longer faster?

britter12 Asked: How to make my hair grow longer faster?

Help please! I decided to cut my hair super short, like just above my chin. I HATE it so much! How can I make my hair grow longer faster? I started taking Biotin and B-Complex supplements because I heard that helps. I also eat a very clean diet with healthy fats and drink lots of water. I exercise daily. Is there any hair product that I can use to stimulate faster growth? I really can’t wait for my hair to grow down to my ribs again πŸ™ it takes too long!


Brittany Answered:
Find biotin!
I take this thing called Applied Nutrition Longer Stronger Nails and Hair.
It works really well. I get it off Amazon.
It’s also not too expensive. πŸ™‚

erika25425 Answered:
22 steps to make your hair grow faster:

PsychoxLette Answered:
Take good care of it. Use a high quality shampoo & conditioner. Dont use too much heat on it. Dont dye it too much. Get trims regularly.

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I use this product by Lee Stafford, I love his products and this leave on conditioner promotes hair growthΒ It’s got positive reviews and I’ve found an increase in the rate of hair growth on my hair, plus its an amazing deep conditioner, a bit pricey but worth it πŸ™‚

tam Answered:
crush up maternity pills and put them in your shampoo/conditioner !
<3 the twins from bad girls club season 8 did it and their hair is past their butt
im trying it too <3

angelluv Answered:
1. Be sure to consume enough B-vitamins, Iron, and Protein.
2. Scalp massages, especially with a hot oil treatment is beneficial.
3. Flipping your hair upside down a few times daily stimulates hair follicles.
4. Remove scalp residue (scalp residue blocks hair follicles and hinders growth).
5. Use conditioner, and don’t shampoo too often. Don’t brush wet hair.
6. You can use a homemade hair mask once a week.
7. When you see split ends, get them cut.
8. Stress, depression, and sleep deprivation contribute to hair loss. Try to avoid them.
9. Stay away from harsh chemicals and heating tools.

Dede T Answered:
my hair was growing pretty slow at one point until i changed around my whole routine this year and now its growing the average rate that it should. i took several steps in order to get a good growth process.

1. stop perming my hair so much
2. started using sulfate free shampoo’s (creme of nature/ aphogee)
3. cut back on washing hair alot
4. co wash up to 2-3 times per week (means just washing your hair with conditioner)
5. started taking the vitamins called hairfinity ( )you can take just biotin if you like
6. keep my hair moisturized
7. use a protective style
8. stopped applying so much heat to my hair
9. use a heat protectant for hair in case you apply heat to it
10. massage hair
11. deep condition every week
12. apply hot oil treatment every month
13. drink lots of water
14. eat healthy

*consult your doctor prior before taking pills to make sure its okay to take them*

use these steps and your hair will start growing πŸ™‚
*remember everyone is different so you have to give it time to see progress*

Tanishia Answered:
Healthy hair growth starts with good nutrition. Your hair needs certain nutrients to grow properly. This can be achieved by getting enough of the right fats, vitamins, and minerals from your diet, or from dietary supplements. There are also some other supplements that may also be able to help, like saw palmetto, Pygeum Africanum, MSM, and grape seed extract. I like Caribbean Hair Grow. You should talk to your doctor before you do, or take anything, and also do your own research (wikipedia, pubmed, etc.) as well. Hope this helps…

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