Help salt and ice challenge burns will it go away?

Gabby Asked: Help salt and ice challenge burns will it go away?

It is really itchy, I put aloe Vera gel on it nobody is telling me if it is going to disappear or scar me for life? I need some answers, most of it is gone and I did it on Saturday morning at around 1:30 with a friend. Thanks for whoever can help me.! It is dark red right now.! I’m trying my best not to itch.!


Physicians said a persons injury from this challenge could result in surgery or a scar for the rest of your life.

The sooner treatment is started the better.

Cindy Answered:

What you see is the body’s healing process. The inflammation in and around the burn area is a natural process which will eventually lead to the wound healing but with scarring . To speed up the healing, reduce the pain, reduce the need to scratch and also the long term scarring the treatment should start asap.

The most effective treatment I have found so far is SOUL which contains black seed which is proven to reduce the pain associated with inflammation. Symptoms of Diabetes Left Hand

This image shows how SOUL helped a lady with her skin condition and scarring from long term diabetes.

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Richmond Answered:

I think it will not scar you for life. It will just take time. Take Action ASAP

Take action sooner rather than later and for quick results to help relieve the after effects of your salt and ice burns use Ching Wan Hung – Burn Cream. The long term scarring should be greatly reduced, the itching stopped or also reduced and the healing process speeded up. Treatment should be be started as soon as possible.

The cream is
  • Effective for treating all types of skin burns,
  • Relieves pain, decreases inflammation, and helps regenerate damaged skin tissue.
  • Treats burns caused from chemicals and heat, or for simple sunburns.

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Areyoukiddinmebro Answered:

Depends on how bad it got. In most cases the scaring never goes away. I have a teacher who still has his scars from when he was a kid doing salt burns

Dr Mike Answered:

Try This – If it does not help, you can get your money back!

Aloe Vera Gelly

Essentially identical to the aloe vera plant’s inner leaf, 100% stabilised Aloe Vera Gelly lubricates sensitive tissue safely. As if squeezed from the leaf, it’s absorbed quickly and calms irritated skin and helps soothing scarred skin.

N.B. suitable for people prone to eczema and psoriasis.

James Answered:

I’m not sure this works.

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I never understood why people did this. Salt (sodium chloride) reacts with water to produce sodium hydroxide (very strong base) and hydrochloric acid (very strong acid). Did no one pay attention in basic chemistry classes in school?The burn is most likely caused by the acid. Depending on how bad the burn is, or how much salt you put on, it may or may not scar (hopefully you “chickened out” early enough for the latter to happen). It’s best to just leave it alone, as it should go away soon enough on its own.

Be careful next time. The likelihood of it actually eating away at your skin is very real.

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