Few red round patches, non itchy on my skin. What is it?

Nazze Asked: Few red round patches, non itchy on my skin. What is it?

Few weeks ago i noticed small red spot above my left knee. I didn't think nothing of it but now that spot is 1/2 inch, and round with little raised borders and some scaly skin in the middle. I am had eczema in the past but only on my hands and feet and this rash doesn't itch ,so that's why I'm concern that it might not be just that.
I'm 15 weeks pregnant and worried. In last few days i noticed few more spots on my stomach, breast and side on my back, so I'm scared its getting worse.
I did changed my laundry detergent in last few weeks, but when i looked up on line for allergies for that- it usually said that rash itches.
Does anyone know what is wrong with me?


sekhar suman Answered:
oh damn, it seems ringworm. The way you described it, its gotta be ringworm. But it should be itchy!!! Listen, i am not a doctor, but i will be in near future. So, i don't know very deeply about it. As far as i know it is a fungal infection and can be cured by Clotrimazole or Ketoconazole(Nizoral 2%) based product. The later one i.e. Nizoral is best but have some side effects to certain people. The best is you contact a skin specialist as soon as possible this thing spreads.

Go to wikipedia and know more about it.
Good Luck.

Akkas Mia Answered:
Candida is a yeast, but where there is a hormonal disturbance, puberty, pregnancy, steriod use, high sugar diet, it 'morphs' into a fungus, which grows hyphae which attach to the gut wall, this causes food allergies, IBS, dyshidrosis and even systemic diseases which are frequently called 'auto-immune-.
Don't blame your doctor, he is a Generalist, a General Practitioner. You would be better off seeing an immunologist, not a dermatologist. (my research has led me to say very rude things about dermatologists.)
Of course, it may not be Candida but some other dermatophyte……
If you are not fully grown or may get pregnant, you must not do the retinoid drug treatments without supervision. The new retinoids work by turning the skin over so the dermatophytes cannot take hold.
Lots of people have had eczema remission when they did the Atkins diet which is sugar and carb free. Starves Candida.

honey Answered:
"recomended by the Pharmacist"You should take your child to a doctor, a dermatologist or allergist.Since you have an allergy to gluten, he may have an allergy also.NOt sure about gluten causing exzema?? but I know milk does.He may have an allergy or sensitivity to milk, or something else that is causing his eczema.
Dress him in what he will sleep in.cotton is breatable and with pants, it may help him to not scratch his skin directly while sleeping, it he gets itchy.

harwarda Answered:
It may be caused by a food allergy, especially if you have one. Cut his diet down to safe foods (chicken, rice, most vegetables if they don't have sauces or lemon juice). Watch for anything with cow's milk, gluten or citric acid (there's citric acid in most prepared foods and candies, as a preservative.If he's on the diet a couple of weeks and doesn't break out, add foods back in slowly.Both my grandchildren break out when they have anything with citric acid. One is also allergic to cow's milk and gluten.

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