Dog has a red rash under belly and armpits?

Due 5910 Asked: Dog has a red rash under belly and armpits?

I have a 3 year old shih tzu that has a red rash under belly and armpits, when it isn’t so inflamed it goesslightly scabby? We have already been to the vets like two weeks ago and they gave me some antibiotics in case it was an infection. They also gave her all the treatments for parasites. None of these thing seem to work. I have bathed her in a soothing and allergic reaction shampoo tonight but after it is wet is looks even worse and really inflamed.
The thing that is really puzzling is that she had always been fine with any sort of shampoo so i cant see it being that. I did change her food as they didn’t have her usual one but i have changed it back and still no change. I have put nothing on the carpet, and i wash her things in non biological detergent. I have ran out of ideas of what it could be??
In the meantime does anybody know of anything soothing i can put on it? I have aloe vera gel? I am just scared of making it worse!

Any suggestions would be well appreciated Thanks 🙁


kingdrake2 Answered:
if it is skin related. most of the time it is due to a food or some sort of allergy. those sort of problems wont cure itself in a day. though once you rid of the issue hair/skin will go back to normal. hair not so much it can take some time for it to grow back.
This used to happen to my chihuahua all the time too mainly under his armpits.
Your not gunna like this but you might have to trim the hair around that area to let it air out and my mom told me to put vaseline on it and it worked like a charm cause it worked kinda of like a charm because it would keep it from drying out and craking and ending it it getting worse (:

Also was that shampoo for dogs? Cause if not that could have irritated it more :/

Good luck i Hope your pup gets better<3

LauniCommand Your Power Answered:
Doing all I can here……looking at skin problems in dogs becomes quite interesting……besides disturbing…

Does it look like this?My Basset used to have this and my Pit Bull gets it from time to time.

ladystang Answered:
over bred byb/mill dogs have a lot of unknown skin and health problems
take to vet and test
buy and try till you find something that helps

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