Do they prescribe pain meds at urgent care centers?

Cassandra Asked: Do they prescribe pain meds at urgent care centers?

My doc prescribes tylenol w/codeine and amitriptyline to treat pain for migraines and herniated disc, the amitriptyline is to prevent migraines and help w/ slipped disc. I called my doc yesterday for a refill but they had already closed. I don’t want to be looked at as a drug seeker and I hate the fact that drug addicts make it tough for us people in real pain. I’m thinking about ER or urgent care but I don’t want to go if they’ll turn me away. I’m a self pay w/out insurance so it’s costing me. I also have my results from ct scan and MRI of my back that shows I have a slipped disc ( don’t know if that helps)


drmike25 Answered:

Take your Doctors advice but look around for natural cures. Try Aloe Vera for help with pain relief for both aching joints headaches and migraine. Click Here to see more

TheRealAcid9 Answered:
As long as there is a doctor who is at either a clinic or urgent care center, yes you can get a prescription for pain medication. They may do a quick blood test to see what the levels of the drugs are in your body. Generally, addicts tend to be way off the charts and pretty easy to spot.More than likely, the doctor on duty won’t even do that. He’ll want to get passed you so he/she can see someone else. Everything a doctor needs to know about you is kept on file. They probably can even see copies of your CT and MRI scans.But obviously, if you’re in pain and you need your medication and you’re not an addict, then going to an urgent care center or a local clinic that is still open is better than either going without medication or going to the ER.
ozboz48 Answered:
I’m sorry you’re suffering.Migraines are horrible.

I’ve had chronic vertigo since my daughter was 4; she’s 15 now. I just toughed bit out for years.Now I take care of myself more and I truly believe it is one reason she is so mature and compassionate.

Feel better.

All the best.

Kimberly Answered:
It sounds like you are doing the best you can. As long as their in the house you need to rest. So what if you lay on the couch and let them watch tv, or if they are really restless. Make up a game for them. I remember when my mom got sick. She would have us kids write out all our wishes. Like for birthdays,christmas. what we wanted to be for halloween etc. You didn’t says their ages so I don’t know what else to suggest. Hope you get well soon. And don’t pay any mind to B she learn like the rest of us when she has kids.
Mom to a boy and a boy on the way Answered:
I just set my kid up with a movie and popcorn. How old are your kids? Are they old enough to go outside alone? If they are, I would just send them outside. Tell them to go play tag until bed time. I’ve been having lots of movie and popcorn days over the past few months between migraines and just plain ole exhaustion. I hope you feel better soon.
Michelle Answered:
Yes, you are doing the best you can right now.I hope you feel better.

I suggest for you to find a good support group in church or in your community.I am part of the MOMS Club, which has chapters all over the world.It stands for Moms Offering Moms support.Find one in your area and befriend other moms.They will be available to offer support when you have future days like this, feeling awful.

As for right now, put the 2-year-old down to bed and have the 7-year-old watch more tv or read some books.Hope your migraines go away!

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