Did my mom kill her aloe vera plant?

Dark Samus Asked: Did my mom kill her aloe vera plant?

My mom's had this aloe vera plant for a couple of years. It got really big. She decided she didn't wanna keep getting bigger pots for it. Lately the plant has been suffering. And I found today that she just cut the whole stock off, except for 3 leaves at the bottom. She says she wants to see if it will grow back.

Did she pretty much just kill the plant?

If it does survive, is there any way to keep it from getting bigger so she just doesn't throw it out?


Avalon Answered:
It may grow again but the best idea is to break tips off and put them in compost or water and they will grow so when you hack it back you can keep one in reserve just in case, and it will also help keep the plant smaller.

Aloe Vera is very popular with natural health exponents so it could be worth selling the little plants on EBay.

Rob E Answered:
Aloes will often re-sprout, and you could then use the new sprouting stems as cuttings, once they're large enough.As it's a mature plant, it should have lots of energy and spring weather will encourage it to be sprout too.

Keeping your Aloe in a confined pot will restrain its size, but it will want to grow, so I think it may be better to use cuttings, which will all start out as small plants, and donate the large parent plant.

They;re fairly easy from cuttings, I'd use a mix of potting soil and sharp sand mixed, as this allows good drainage – hormone rooting solution or powder will encourage rooting too.

Hope this helps.Good luck!Rob

Rich Answered:
It'll be fine.They take 3-4 months to regrow from pruning.They recover quicker from splitting than pruning, which would be a better way to manage the plant's size .When I prune (though I'm not as brutal as your mom), I use the leaves for juice to put in skin lotion.

lost Answered:
no… the plant will heal and continue to grow..

aloe vera plants are farmed for anti-septant creams..

creams that you would rub on a rash, burn, mostquito bite, etc

Christine Sav Answered:
It would have been better to take it out of the pot and then divide all the sperate plants up. succulents are tough tho and strike wasily from cuttings so I wouldn t worry too much about it.

squidy Answered:
Did she keep the part she hacked off? If anything, I'd plant that. Like others said, succulents root really easily.

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