can quitting smoking pot cause migraines?

Taurean Asked: can quitting smoking pot cause migraines?

My fiance and I stopped drinking and smoking pot very abruptly about a month ago.Before that it was an everyday thing, and the smoking was a multiple times a day thing.We both decided we didn't want to indulge in any type of intoxicants anymore, hence the cold turkey approach. She had been smoking a couple times a day for about 5 or 6 years, but was never a hardcore drinker, I on the other hand drank more and only started frequently smoking about a year ago. Both of us had "insomnia" for the first week but would eventually fall asleep.I haven't had many other side effects, but she has started having these really bad headaches, possibly migraines since she quit and has also said that when she first quit smoking she would get really nauseous after eating and had a lack of appetite.I was also already a vegan when I quit drinking and smoking, and she was a vegetarian, still eating dairy being the only difference, but around the same time she and I quit, she also switched to being a strict vegan.My question is: Is it normal for abruptly quitting drinking and smoking pot to have side effects as described above? and could her conversion to vegan-ism be playing a role in these headaches she experiences EVERYDAY?

side note:
We are both vegans, but before anyone gets the impression the headaches could be from undernourishment I would just like to add that we both are very careful to get all the nutrients and vitamins that are recommended each day.We both take protein, fiber, and multivitamin supplements and drink plenty of water, which is why we are so stumped when it comes to her headaches everyday…


Jezza Answered:
it's been proven that weed is not addictive any symptoms from the stop of its use are completely superficial

Jesse Schnarrs Answered:
Pot is non addictive but it is possible because your bosy is used to that chemcall and you took away so fast your body is not used to not having it but it is not serious you will get over it in a week or two

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