Black Walnut Hull Hair Dye?

Ajay K Asked: Black Walnut Hull Hair Dye?

I used black walnut hull powder to make the hair dye. I followed the e-how directions to make the dye and it took almost two weeks.But It didn’t give my hair any color. Is it necessary to put lots of cloves . I put some whole cloves. I spent about $ 50 on black walnut hull powder , because I bought it two times. First I thought that this powder is not good and got the black walnut hull powder from other site. Second time also my dye didn’t work. Can somebody help me please. I have very high frequency of bad migraines and don’t want to use chemical dyes to cover my gray hair. My hair color is black. how should I use the black walnut hull powder?


Dan Colt Answered:
I had exactly that, i had a continuous pain behind my right eye every day.
I went to the doctor and he pretty much said i had to change my diet, he referred me to a few diet consultation organisations.
Changing my diet really really helped, the headaches went away the next day tbh.I still use these organisations today, my favourite is probably DN-A (, mainly cause i know some of the people there and they are excellent at what they do.Hope this helps 🙂

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